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 Awolala David Olufemi
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 Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists African Association of Agricultural Economists
 PhD.,Climate Change Economics,(Dakar,Senegal) (Vulnerability analysis, economic impact simulations, impact evaluation,and GIS ) in view M.Agric.Tech., Agricultural Economics (Production & Resource economics),2006 B.Agric.Tech., Agricultural Economics & Extension (Production economics), 2002 First Class Honours
 Awolala David Olufemi is a West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) doctoral Student on climate change economics. His research objectives focus on developing an integrated approach to assess the economic impacts of climate change on food production, land use, and regional adaptation strategies for sustainable environment-agricultural development in the West Africa sub-region. His research interests are in climate vulnerability analysis, economic impact modelling, development impact evaluation and geographical information system (GIS). His key research experience include issues related to his publications in the areas of economics of climate change, production and resource economics, and marketing efficiency. His other areas of qualification and experience include team membership in various national and international research projects and consultancies executed by his senior colleagues in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. A fairly long experience in working on diverse projects has led to his concern about the workability of some development programmes, agricultural innovation systems, capacity enhancement, enhancing marketing efficiency and sustainable environmental management. These projects include baseline studies/surveys,, sustainable livelihoods assessment, training needs assessment, market surveys, evaluation of development interventions and government projects.